'All Killer No Filler' is an exhibition showcasing the creativity of UCLan's BA(Hons)Fashion Promotion with Styling students.


Spotlight on: Carmen Thompstone-Pascoe!

The lovely Carmen shares her experiences of the course...

What is your trade mark procrastination activity?
Drinking coffee it cures any creative block
If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have three items with you, what would they be?
Sun cream, an animal I could tame to be my pet and rope to make a swing
Have your housemates ever walked in on you doing something odd due to this course and the projects?
Creating a replica collection of Chanel Couture for eggs, spending hours gluing tiny sequins and individual strands of ostrich feathers to a minuscule dress was probably when my parents stopped asking about my projects
Have you ever had any strange/funny experiences on a shoot?
I assisted on a shoot where the model had to rip his trousers off, throw them in air and run around...it was my job to collect the trousers from the middle of the field and bring them back to the starting point. The scene was probably shot about 30 times. I had a good workout that day. 
What was your favourite bit of the Style Unwrapped 2011 fashion show?
The adrenaline and excitement in the 10 minutes before the show started was intense but such a good feeling. 

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