'All Killer No Filler' is an exhibition showcasing the creativity of UCLan's BA(Hons)Fashion Promotion with Styling students.


Spotlight on: Sophie Davies!

Today we catch up with the lovely Sophie Davies!

 ‎What is your trademark procrastination activity?
 Shopping :)
If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have three items with you, what would they be?  
 Swimwear, alcohol to pass the time and music! Actually  I think I want to amend my answer and go with Channing Tatum because on a desert island it will be hot so he'll be shirtless and will add to the scenery, alcohol and a camera to remember all the times me and Channing shared together!!
What is the best item you have acquired as a stylist? 
More items in my wardrobe that I've kept instead of returning :|
What was your favourite bit of the Style Unwrapped 2011 fashion show? 
Being in charge of backstage so I was in full view of the ab show :)

To view more of Sophie's work visit Click Here

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