'All Killer No Filler' is an exhibition showcasing the creativity of UCLan's BA(Hons)Fashion Promotion with Styling students.


Spotlight on: Sophie Kenny!

Sophie takes the time to share a few of her favourite elements of the course...

What is your trade mark procrastination activity?
I hate sitting around doing nothing so when I have spare time I go to the gym or boxing classes.
Have your housemates ever walked in on you doing something odd due to this course and the projects?
Yes! In my final project I created fashion monsters and for one look I sewed ballons all over a pair of leggings teamed with a kermit the frog mask and got one of my housemates to try the look on. I also got caught gluing a zip and scouring pads onto a piece of drain guard i think some people struggle to see how its fashion !
What was your favourite bit of the Style Unwrapped 2011 fashion show?
My Favourite moment was when the break dancers did a routine on the catwalk, I loved the shock element and the surprised looks on
Amanda, Clare and Jacquis faces as the whole class kept it a secret!

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