'All Killer No Filler' is an exhibition showcasing the creativity of UCLan's BA(Hons)Fashion Promotion with Styling students.


Spotlight on: Rachelle Bell!

We take a few moments to chat to Rachelle...

What is your trade mark procrastination activity?
I swear I’m so easily distracted, I’ll be on YouTube watching a show or new campaign and then 2 hours later I’m still on YouTube watching videos of cute animals! EVERYTIME! Also addicted to Pinterest so usually male model casting evolves into a ‘beautiful men’ board haha!
If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have three items with you, what would they be?
1) iPhone so I could have music, camera and all the other crazy apps to keep me entertained, maybe I could phone to be rescued when I got bored too! 2) Factor 50 sun cream-lobster red isn’t a great colour on me. 3) Scissors so I could fashion myself some new exotic clothes out of palm tree leaves and also keep my pesky fringe trimmed!
What is the best item you have acquired as a stylist?
I’m always scouring flea markets, charity shops and eBay trying to find weird and wonderful things for my shoots! I think my best find was a vintage Missoni cardigan for just £1, safe to say that I kept it for myself after the shoot :)

To view more of Rachelle's work Click Here

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